Welcome to Pico Cross Flow

The Pico Cross Flow is an open source cross flow turbine.

We designed it to fill the need of people with no access to electricity, who lack a safe, robust, affordable and highly-capable machine. Unlike others the Pico Cross Flow comes fully loaded with knowledge to build, run and maintain the whole hydroelectric scheme.

As part of the Open Source movement we hope to simplify the creation and sharing of pico hydropower solutions to satisfy energy needs and bring light to remote areas.

We want to provide robust, low-maintenance, low-cost, efficient, highly-capable and safe machines that will increase the proliferation of hydroelectricity and make a significant contribution to remote area electrification in an environmentally sustainable way.

The Pico Cross Flow prototype was tested at and with the help of the Hydrodynamic Laboratory of the Technical University of Vienna. The test results, turbine efficiency curves, application range, power output etc. are now available at the FILES section at our website. Additionally we added some pictures and movies of the testing and test rig at the MEDIA section of our website. We are happy, that the turbine operates very stable at a wide application range (head and flow). At this moment we focus on optimization and want to improve its efficiency. Once we get a prototype that meets acceptable working conditions, we will proceed to manufacture a market-ready product and publish its design. We want to ultimately have a product that is robust and highly efficient, requiring minimal specialized tools to build and assemble at a very low cost.

If you want to have further information about the prototype, the current status of our work or anything else, feel free to contact us.

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Vision Statement
Our Vision is to empower people and NGOs working in rural, remote, off-grid areas to satisfy energy needs in an environmental friendly, renewable and self-sustainable way. Pico Cross Flow aims to be at the forefront of developing innovative pico hydropower solutions for people at the base of the social economic pyramid.

Our Mission is to develop pico hydropower designs, make our knowledge accessible, encourage people to use this knowledge to build and set up pico hydropower schemes by themselfes (Do It Yourself Construction Kits) and thereby support rural, decentralized, environmentally friendly and sustainable energy transformation.

Instead of supporting costly kilometer long grid extension Pico Cross Flow takes the absence of infrastructure as an opportunity to develop decentralized energy supply on a very small scale. Aimed with this logic Pico Cross Flow is developing a pico cross flow turbine with a maximum power output of 5kW.


Social Impact
If successful not only would Pico Cross Flow replace diesel generators and have a positive impact on the greenhouse gas emission but it would also have a positive impact on the lives of many people by setting free large amounts of human time and labor and by connecting people with modern communication. We believe that a Pico Cross Flow hydroelectric scheme supports to attain decent quality of life through meaningful innovation.


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