About Pico Cross Flow

What is Pico Cross Flow?
Pico Cross Flow is a Project of the non-profit organization Global Anchor e.V. who supports the development of pico hydropower solutions using the open source hardware approach. As part of the Open Source movement we hope to simplify the creation and sharing of pico hydropower solutions to satisfy energy needs and bring light to remote areas. We want to provide robust, low-maintenance, low-cost, efficient, highly-capable and safe machines that will increase the proliferation of hydroelectricity and make a significant contribution to remote area electrification in an environmentally sustainable way.

What is open source hardware?
Open Source Hardware could be seen as the second generation of open source software, based on the same idea. The only difference is the product itself, which is hardware. The hardware layout and design (manufacturing drawings, mechanical drawings, bill of materials, schematics, documentation, manuals etc.) is released with the approach to distribute and share it for free. By sharing and collaboration products could be improved easily and everyone is able to contribute in the best manner he is able to do while everyone benefits.

How do you finance Pico Cross Flow?
Pico Cross Flow depends 100% on donation and grants. So please help us and donate.

Why are you doing this?
Many areas in this world are far away from national electricity grids. It is technically very difficult, cost intensive and often not a environmental friendy way to connect these areas to national grids. Often these areas are not densely populated, which results in low intentions to connect them to the national grid. The IEA estimates that in 2008, 1.5 billion people, or 22% of the world’s population, had no access to electricity, of whom 85% live in rural areas. (Source: Alliance for Rural Electrification: http://www.ruralelec.org/9.0.html)
We believe in decentralized energy supply. The transformation and consumption of energy then happens at the same place. This means less needs for energy transportation and therefore less energy losses. Decentralized energy supply is energetically highly efficient and has many advantages. Decentralization also means energy autonomy. Remote and rural areas mightcould become energy self-sustainable with very little impacts on the environment. We believe that by developing small scale Hydro Power solutions and publishing them Open Source we help to empower people to satisfy their energy needs in a sustainable, cooperative and collaborative way.

Can you help me building a hydro power plant?
Yes, we will provide documentation, technical support and consultancy, as soon our prototypes are testet and the designs are published. Consultancy starts with a site assessment and could go much further than commissioning a finished machine. If you have a specific project already or a general question, please contact us at info@picocrossflow.com and we will provide you with according appropriate information.

Get involved
If you like what we do and believe that we can have a better and more sustainable world by developing innovative approaches, you might want to be part of Pico Cross Flow. We are looking for people with a curious and out-of-the-box mindset to join Pico Cross Flow, accelerate the development of the project and deliver an easy replicable pico hydropower solution.

There are several ways to get involved. You don't have to be an engineer or hydropower specialist. This project needs all kind of participation, so you are welcome to contribute wherever and with whatever you like. This goes from design, engineering, documentation, fund-raising and business development.

  • Designing machines, working on CAD files and drawings
  • Write documentation files or translate manuals
  • Help to fund projects
  • Establish contact with implementation partners and NGOs
  • Build a turbine and share your experience
  • Feed the dog
  • etc.

Please send a mail to info@picocrossflow.com for further information.

We are a not for profit organization, we have no income and depend 100% on funding and grants. If you like what we do and you to
help us, please make a donation or buy a T-Shirt by sending an email to info@picocrossflow.com.

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Contact / Legal Advice
Pico Cross Flow is a project of Global Anchor e.V. who is the registrant and owner of the web site www.picocrossflow.com.
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Address and Contact Information
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