Pico Cross Flow Files

If you want to design and build your own hydroelectric site, understand it from ground up, and want to operate such a system yourself you have come to the right place. This project is about empowering you with knowledge to design, build, run and maintain a pico (up to 5 kilo watts) hydro power installation.

The Pico Cross Flow Files will include the whole process for of a project implementation. This includes the initial steps (field measurements and site evaluation) as well as design and selection guidelines for each system component (civil works, penstock, powerhouse, turbine, generator, governor system, electrical distribution).

The focus of the Pico Cross Flow Files will be the documentation of the manufacturing process of the turbine, which includes the manufacturing drawings and CAD files as well as supportive image and video documentation.

Preliminary structure of the Pico Cross Flow Files

  • Site Evaluation and System Design
    • Energy Demand Evaluation
    • Site Evaluation
    • Technical and Economic Feasibility
  • Component Selection and Design
    • Civil Works
    • Penstock
    • Powerhouse
    • Turbine (Turbine Overview)
    • Generator
    • Governing System
    • Electrical Distribution
  • Turbine Specification (Preliminary Prototype Specification available)
    • System Overview
    • Application Charts and Tables
    • Bill of Materials
    • CAD Model Files
    • Manufacturing Drawings
    • Building Process
    • Licensing Information
    • Getting Started
  • Installation Process
  • Operation
    • System Operation Manual
    • Maintenance Guide
  • Community
    • Mailing List
    • Map of Builders and Project Showroom
    • Project Images
    • Project Videos
  • Other Files
    • Fabrication Video
    • System in operation Video